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Câu 1
Mã câu hỏi: 157595

Mark the letter A, B, C, or D on your answer sheet to indicate the correct answer to each of the following questions. 

She got terrible marks in the mid-term tests. She _____ harder for them. 

  • A. mustn't have learnt
  • B. didn't need to learn
  • C. wouldn't have learnt
  • D. should have learnt
Câu 2
Mã câu hỏi: 157596

Until the situation has settled down, it is _____ to travel to that country.

  • A. advisable
  • B. ill-advised
  • C. inadvisable
  • D. well-advised
Câu 3
Mã câu hỏi: 157597

My brother has given up smoking. He used to _____ 20 cigarettes a day. 

  • A. have smoked
  • B. smoking
  • C. smoke
  • D. be smoked
Câu 4
Mã câu hỏi: 157598

He was a natural singer with a voice that was as clear as a _____. 

  • A. bell
  • B. waterfall
  • C. mirror
  • D. lake
Câu 5
Mã câu hỏi: 157599

During the flood, army helicopters came and tried to evacuate _____ injured.

  • A. a
  • B. these
  • C. the
  • D. an
Câu 6
Mã câu hỏi: 157600

Most of the children were excited for the competition "Ring the Bell", ____?

  • A. haven't they
  • B. weren't they
  • C. aren't they
  • D. were they
Câu 7
Mã câu hỏi: 157601

Don't waste time _____ for a cheap hotel when you arrive. They are all about the same price. 

  • A. looked
  • B. looking
  • C. to look
  • D. look
Câu 8
Mã câu hỏi: 157602

Nam passed the exam easily _____ it was very difficult. 

  • A. although
  • B. despite
  • C. because
  • D. because of
Câu 9
Mã câu hỏi: 157603

He can't find his bike anywhere. Someone _____ it. 

  • A. had taken
  • B. is taking
  • C. has taken
  • D. takes
Câu 10
Mã câu hỏi: 157604

Many women find it hard to _____ both a job and a family. 

  • A. keep up with
  • B. solve with
  • C. cope with
  • D. catch up with
Câu 11
Mã câu hỏi: 157605

Some security measures have been _____ to prevent the infection of Corona virus. 

  • A. made
  • B. taken
  • C. had
  • D. put
Câu 12
Mã câu hỏi: 157606

It is very difficult to _____ the exact meaning of an idiom in a foreign language.

  • A. transfer
  • B. convert
  • C. exchange
  • D. convey
Câu 13
Mã câu hỏi: 157607

I always enjoy visiting Hanoi, _____ I wouldn't like to live there because it's too noisy. 

  • A. and
  • B. or
  • C. but
  • D. so
Câu 14
Mã câu hỏi: 157608

Quan Ho singing is a Vietnamese style of folk music _____ by UNESCO in 2009. 

  • A. recognized
  • B. to recognize
  • C. to have recognized
  • D. be recognized
Câu 15
Mã câu hỏi: 157609

My son is _____ a lot of pressure because he is a final - year student now.

  • A. at
  • B. under
  • C. with
  • D. in
Câu 16
Mã câu hỏi: 157610

Indicate the word that differs from the other three in the position of primary stress: equipment, benefit, hospital, memory

  • A. equipment
  • B. benefit
  • C. hospital
  • D. memory
Câu 17
Mã câu hỏi: 157611

Indicate the word that differs from the other three in the position of primary stress: enter, attract, compete, design

  • A. enter
  • B. attract
  • C. compete
  • D. design
Câu 18
Mã câu hỏi: 157612

Mark the letter A, B, C, or D on your answer sheet to indicate the sentence that best combines each pair of sentences in the following questions. 

The new restaurant looks good. However, it seems to have few customers.

  • A. In order to get more customers, the new restaurant should improve its appearance.
  • B. In spite of its appearance, the new restaurant does not appear to attract many customers.
  • C. The new restaurant would have more customers if it looked better.
  • D. If it had a few more customers, the new restaurant would look better.
Câu 19
Mã câu hỏi: 157613

They were exposed to biased information. Therefore, they didn't know the true story. 

  • A. If they got unbiased information, they could know the true story. 
  • B. If they had unbiased the information, they could have known the true story. 
  • C. If they have exposed to the unbiased information, they could have seen the true story.
  • D. If they had been exposed to unbiased information, they would have known the true story.
Câu 20
Mã câu hỏi: 157614

Mark the letter A, B, C, or D on your answer sheet to indicate the sentence that is closest in meaning to each of the following questions. 

Many people believe that Egyptian pyramids were built by aliens. 

  • A. It is believed that Egyptian pyramids were built by aliens.
  • B. Egyptian pyramids are believed to have built by aliens
  • C. Egyptian pyramids are believed to build by aliens.
  • D. Aliens are believed to build Egyptian pyramids.
Câu 21
Mã câu hỏi: 157615

"We're having a reunion this weekend. Why don't you come?" John said to us.

  • A. John suggested we coming to a reunion that weekend.
  • B. John cordially invited us to a reunion that weekend.
  • C. John simply asked us why we wouldn't come to a reunion that weekend.
  • D. John asked us why we didn't come to a reunion this weekend that weekend.
Câu 22
Mã câu hỏi: 157616

Access to the library computer facilities is open to students.

  • A. Computers in the library are not used for students.
  • B. Students are not allowed to use library computers. 
  • C. The library computer facilities are accessible to students.
  • D. Students can freely assess the library computer service. 
Câu 23
Mã câu hỏi: 157617

Mark the letter A, B, C, or D to indicate the word that is OPPOSITE in meaning to the underlined part in each of the following questions. 

One of the reasons why families break up is that parents are always critical of each other. 

  • A. intolerant
  • B. supportive
  • C. tired
  • D. unaware
Câu 24
Mã câu hỏi: 157618

She decided to remain celibate and devote her life to helping the homeless and orphans.

  • A. separated
  • B. divorced
  • C. single
  • D. married
Câu 25
Mã câu hỏi: 157619

Read the following passage and mark the letter A, B, C, or D on your answer sheet to indicate the correct word or phrase that best fits each of the numbered blanks from questions from 25 to 29. 


      One major problem for nuclear power is the waste it (25) ______. A typical nuclear reactor needs to get rid of 20 tons of spent fuel per year. The radioactivity in this waste takes 1000 years to diminish to negligible levels other dangerous contents include longer-lived fission products and uranium and plutonium, the 239 isotope of (26) _____ takes more than 150,000 years to decay to negligible amounts. It is important to keep this material away from people. To that end, the spent fuel initially goes into a pool at the reactor, (27) _____ it is kept beneath 5 metres of cooling water that blocks its radiation. After some years, the fuel can be removed and put into dry cask storage which, as the phrase (28) _____, means it is put in big drums at the plant. Two such casks can hold one year's spent fuel safely for 100 years. After that, the casks should ideally be put into a mined geological repository - entombed in deep underground tunnels in a geologically stable (29) _____. 


  • A. makes
  • B. assumes
  • C. produces
  • D. charges
Câu 26
Mã câu hỏi: 157620


  • A. whom
  • B. that
  • C. what
  • D. which
Câu 27
Mã câu hỏi: 157621


  • A. where
  • B. which
  • C. that
  • D. when
Câu 28
Mã câu hỏi: 157622


  • A. shows
  • B. states
  • C. presents
  • D. suggests
Câu 29
Mã câu hỏi: 157623


  • A. region
  • B. lot
  • C. area
  • D. terrain
Câu 30
Mã câu hỏi: 157624

Mark the letter A, B, C, or D on your answer sheet to indicate the option that best completes each of the following exchanges. 

Sue and Mira are talking about the use of mobile phone in class. 

- Sue: "Students should not be allowed to use mobile phone in class." 

- Mira: “______________. This will distract them from studying.” 

  • A. I'm of the opposite opinion
  • B. Not really
  • C. No way! It's useful
  • D. I quite agree
Câu 31
Mã câu hỏi: 157625

Mary is talking to Mr. Robinson about his donation. 

- Mary: “Thank you very much for your donation, Mr. Robinson." 

- Mr. Robinson: “___________.” 

  • A. I see
  • B. You can say that again
  • C. You are right
  • D. Delighted I was able to help
Câu 32
Mã câu hỏi: 157626

Read the following passage and mark the letter A, B, C, or D on your answer sheet to indicate the correct answer to each of the questions from 32 to 36. 

      In the United States and other developed countries, air-conditioning is so common that it is difficult to remember what life was like before it existed. First invented in 1902 in Buffalo, New York, air-conditioning keeps homes, cars, offices, and shopping centers cool and dry, all at the push of a button. While many may consider air-conditioning one of life's necessary luxuries, few are aware of how air-conditioning has changed many aspects of the way we now live. One of the first areas where (air-conditioning had an impact was in industry. In the early 1900s factory owners began to use lair-conditioning to create better conditions for the storage of supplies. Before long, however, they realized that air-conditioning was also useful on the factory floor, as it resulted in higher production levels. Air-conditioning has undoubtedly been an important factor in the growth of industry, since it allows manufacturing to continue at the same pace year round even in the warmest climates. 

      Air-conditioning next became common in movie theaters, offices, and stores. Then, after the end of the Second World War, smaller, less expensive air-conditioning units became available, and this made air conditioning affordable for private homes. Many of the returning soldiers and their new families moved to the suburbs outside America's major cities with a desire to put the war behind them and live the good life. Air-conditioned homes were part of that life, and this led to a number of important changes in American society. One big change was in architecture. Formerly, homes were built with high ceilings and second stories so that hot air could rise away from main living areas in the summer. With air-conditioning, inexpensive one-level homes could be kept cool in the hottest weather. Additionally, many homes once had front porches where American families gathered in the evening to escape the heat. Family members could talk to each other and to neighbors or passers-by. With air-conditioning, however, porches disappeared from new houses and people moved indoors instead. Along with other factors, such as the invention of television, this led to a weakening of Americans' sense of community.

In developed countries, air-conditioning is _____. 

  • A. difficult to remember
  • B. liked by everyone
  • C. very popular
  • D. expensive
Câu 33
Mã câu hỏi: 157627

Air-conditioning first had a great influence on _____. 

  • A. stored supplies
  • B. industrial workers
  • C. industrial suppliers
  • D. factory owners
Câu 34
Mã câu hỏi: 157628

Air-conditioning was found useful in factories as it _____. 

  • A. created favourable conditions for customers
  • B. improved productivity
  • C. made the level higher
  • D. stopped temperature drop
Câu 35
Mã câu hỏi: 157629

The word "undoubtedly" in the first paragraph can be best replaced by_____.

  • A. surprisingly
  • B. obviously
  • C. suspiciously
  • D. unfortunately
Câu 36
Mã câu hỏi: 157630

The best title of the passage could be _____. 

  • A. "Air-conditioning and private life" 
  • B. "The invention of air-conditioners"
  • C. "The influence of air-conditioning on people's life"
  • D. "Air-conditioning and history"
Câu 37
Mã câu hỏi: 157631

Mark the letter A, B, C, or D on your answer sheet to indicate the word(s) CLOSEST in meaning to the underlined word(s) in each of the following questions. 

All of my classmates are always willing to support me whenever I am in trouble.

  • A. reluctant
  • B. ready
  • C. likely
  • D. obliged
Câu 38
Mã câu hỏi: 157632

We heard the sound of an approaching car, so we ran away.

  • A. coming
  • B. moving
  • C. running
  • D. breaking
Câu 39
Mã câu hỏi: 157633

Mark the letter A, B, C, or D to indicate the underlined part that needs correction in each of the following questions. 

A big wedding requires a lot of preparation, such as sending invitations, hiring costumes and choose dishes. 

  • A. requires
  • B. preparation
  • C. sending invitations
  • D. and choose
Câu 40
Mã câu hỏi: 157634

It is high time the government helps the unemployed to find some jobs.

  • A. high
  • B. helps
  • C. unemployed
  • D. some jobs
Câu 41
Mã câu hỏi: 157635

Most oxygen atoms have eight neutrons, but a small amount have nine or ten.

  • A. Most
  • B. have
  • C. amount
  • D. or ten
Câu 42
Mã câu hỏi: 157636

Indicate the word whose underlined part differs from the other three in pronunciation: prepared, interviewed, explained, disappointed 

  • A. prepared
  • B. interviewed
  • C. explained
  • D. disappointed
Câu 43
Mã câu hỏi: 157637

Indicate the word whose underlined part differs from the other three in pronunciation: ethnic, smell, effect, describe

  • A. ethnic
  • B. smell
  • C. effect
  • D. describe
Câu 44
Mã câu hỏi: 157638

Read the following passage and mark the letter A, B, C, or D on your answer sheet to indicate the correct answer to each of the questions from 44 to 50. 


      The native religion of Japan is Shintou, an indigenous folk religion that finds spirits abounding in nature. There is no formal creed, or indeed much of any philosophy behind it. It basically allows followers a way of currying favour with various gods so as to receive good luck. Even today, many older Japanese will, when walking past a shrine, turn and bow to the spirits within. 

      Mahayana Buddhism arrived in Japan in the 6th century. Over the centuries, it grew in prestige and divided into sects. Today, the most well-known forms of Japanese Buddhism are Souka Gakkai - the quasi political religious group that has significant political clout – and Zen Buddhism. 

      Shintou and Buddhism have a long and intertwined history in Japan, and it is only in the past hundred years or so that they have been separated. Even today things can be confusing, as the design of Shintou shrines and Buddhist temples can look very much alike. The key tip: If there's a torii (a large, two-legged arch) standing at the entrance of the grounds, it's a Shintou shrine; if not, it's a Buddhist temple.

      A visit to a shrine first involves the visitor washing his hands and mouth at a pool in front of the shrine.  Then he will make an offering of money, ring the gong, bow twice, clap twice and bow twice more.

      To an outsider's eyes, there are a few differences with regards to religion as it is practised in Japan. The most obvious is that in Japan it is perfectly permissible - indeed, almost expected - that people can be both Buddhist and Shintoist at the same time. Many Japanese, for example, will get married in a Shintou ceremony, but will have Buddhist rites at their funerals. 

      In fact, many Japanese seem to avoid people who appear overtly religious. Occasionally you will meet a proselytiser of some religion on the street, but in general, people seem to think that that kind of behaviour is reserved for cult members. People have strong memories of the cult that killed and injured so many people on the Tokyo underground system with toxic sarin gas in 1995, and find anyone who is not moderate in his religion a little unsettling. 

      Performing dispassionate, ritualistic acts is line, I suppose, but many Japanese cannot begin to fathom those who take strong moral stands. So much of Japanese society is geared towards enjoying oneself that there seems to be no appetite left for considering intangible issues. As one Japanese told me when I expressed an appreciation in the aesthetics of Zen, "I can't do it. It's just too hard." This attitude may go a long way in explaining why non-Japanese friends of mine who were so interested in Buddhism wound up criticising Japan as a religiously dead society. 

Shinto, the native religion of Japan, has ______. 

  • A. no set of formal religious beliefs
  • B. a lot of philosophy behind it
  • C. many indigenous followers
  • D. its origin from Buddhism
Câu 45
Mã câu hỏi: 157639

Souka Gakkai is a group of Buddists that ______. 

  • A. has great power and influence in Japanese politics 
  • B. separated from Buddhism in the 6th century
  • C. has a close connection with Zen Buddhism
  • D. consists of leading members of political parties in Japan
Câu 46
Mã câu hỏi: 157640

The word "prestige" in paragraph 2 is closest in meaning to ______.

  • A. level
  • B. status
  • C. reputation
  • D. rank
Câu 47
Mã câu hỏi: 157641

A visitor to a Shintou shrine has to ______. 

  • A. offer some money to the beggars in the shrine
  • B. ring the gong in the front of the shrine
  • C. wash his hands and mouth after performing some rites in the shrine
  • D. wash his hands and mouth before coming in the shrine
Câu 48
Mã câu hỏi: 157642

It can be inferred that a non-Japanese Buddhist ______. 

  • A. will be surprised with the Buddhist rites at Japanese funerals
  • B. may find some differences in the way Japanese practise Buddhism
  • C. may find a Shintou wedding ceremony strange
  • D. has to become a Shintoist if he wants to settle in Japan
Câu 49
Mã câu hỏi: 157643

Japanese people may feel worried when they see ______. 

  • A. someone who is too moderate in his religion
  • B. a person who is extreme in his religion
  • C. a person who appears secretly religious
  • D. a proselytiser of some religion on the street
Câu 50
Mã câu hỏi: 157644

Today little people in Japan are interested in ______. 

  • A. considering intangible issues
  • B. taking strong moral stands
  • C. the aesthetics of Zen
  • D. enjoying themselves

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