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Đề thi HK2 môn Tiếng Anh 10 năm 2021-2022 Trường THPT Bùi Thị Xuân

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Câu 1
Mã câu hỏi: 239560

Read the following passage and choose the best answer

It’s always thought that women are the (1) ________ class in citizen, and men are the first. There is not a real equality of opportunity for men and women. Years ago, people were living in a man- dominated society. Women had (2) ________ their husbands and fathers absolutely. Women’s place was in the kitchen and women’s work was housework. In many places, women were not even allowed to go to school. Women had no rights, even the right to choose a husband for themselves. Men usually occupied high positions in society so they thought they were more intelligent and important (3) ________  women. Men considered women their property. Sometimes, women were mistreated by their husbands and suffered this as a fate. Many parents did not even want to have female children.

Thanks (4) ________  the women’s liberation movement, women have nowadays proved that they are equal to men on every aspect. An average woman has weaker muscles than an average man but she may be as intelligent as him. Women can do everything that men can and women can do one thing that no men can; they (5) ________  children.

(1) ________

  • A. twice
  • B. two
  • C. second
  • D. double
Câu 2
Mã câu hỏi: 239561

(2) ________

  • A. to obeying
  • B. obey
  • C. obeying
  • D. to obey
Câu 3
Mã câu hỏi: 239562

(3) ________

  • A. than
  • B. as
  • C. same
  • D. then
Câu 4
Mã câu hỏi: 239563

(4) ________

  • A. to
  • B. for
  • C. of
  • D. with
Câu 5
Mã câu hỏi: 239564

(5) ________

  • A. produce
  • B. eliminate
  • C. prevent
  • D. pursue
Câu 6
Mã câu hỏi: 239565

Circle the letter A,B, C, or D to indicate the word whose underlined part pronounced differently from that of the rest in each of the following questions

Choose the word whose underlined part pronounced differently from that of the rest: hit, honor, exhaust, hour

  • A. hit
  • B. honor
  • C. exhaust
  • D. hour
Câu 7
Mã câu hỏi: 239566

Choose the word whose underlined part pronounced differently from that of the rest: solemn, listen, music, answer

  • A. solemn
  • B. listen
  • C. music
  • D. answer
Câu 8
Mã câu hỏi: 239567

Choose the word whose underlined part pronounced differently from that of the rest: watched, kicked, stopped, loved

  • A. watched
  • B. kicked
  • C. stopped
  • D. loved
Câu 9
Mã câu hỏi: 239568

Choose the word whose underlined part pronounced differently from that of the rest: photograph, physics, Stephen, phone

  • A. photograph
  • B. physics
  • C. Stephen
  • D. phone
Câu 10
Mã câu hỏi: 239569

Choose the word whose underlined part pronounced differently from that of the rest: music, busy, noisy, wester

  • A. music
  • B. busy
  • C. noisy
  • D. wester
Câu 11
Mã câu hỏi: 239570

Choose the word whose stress pattern is different from that of the others

Choose the word whose stress pattern is different from that of the others: politics, literature, chemistry, statistics

  • A. politics
  • B. literature
  • C. chemistry
  • D. statistics
Câu 12
Mã câu hỏi: 239571

Choose the word whose stress pattern is different from that of the others: television, distinguish, immediate, acquaintance

  • A. television
  • B. distinguish
  • C. immediate
  • D. acquaintance
Câu 13
Mã câu hỏi: 239572

Choose the word whose stress pattern is different from that of the others: discover, difficult, invention, important

  • A. discover
  • B. difficult
  • C. invention
  • D. important
Câu 14
Mã câu hỏi: 239573

Choose the word whose stress pattern is different from that of the others: recommend, volunteer, understand, potential

  • A. recommend
  • B. volunteer
  • C. understand
  • D. potential
Câu 15
Mã câu hỏi: 239574

Choose the correct answer A, B, C or D

Your folks ____ live in farmhouses do not like the life of the city.

  • A. whose
  • B. who
  • C. they
  • D. which
Câu 16
Mã câu hỏi: 239575

Letting students use their own digital devices in class can improve the ____ experience in many ways.

  • A. educated
  • B. educational
  • C. uneducated
  • D. educator
Câu 17
Mã câu hỏi: 239576

The builders have ____ that everything will be ready on time.

  • A. promised
  • B. promise
  • C. promises
  • D. promising
Câu 18
Mã câu hỏi: 239577

I wanted to know ____ return home.

  • A. when would she
  • B. when will she
  • C. when she will
  • D. when she would
Câu 19
Mã câu hỏi: 239578

Air pollution is such a serious ____ that it has been a direct factor in the ____ of millions of people each year.

  • A. threat - death
  • B. threat - deaths
  • C. threaten - death
  • D. threaten - deaths
Câu 20
Mã câu hỏi: 239579

He asked the children ____ the river.

  • A. don't pollute
  • B. if they don't pollute
  • C. not to pollute
  • D. not
Câu 21
Mã câu hỏi: 239580

He asked, “Why did she write the article on conservation?”

He asked why ____.

  • A. she had written the article on conservation
  • B. she has written the article on conservation
  • C. she wrote the article on conservation
  • D. did she write the article on conservation
Câu 22
Mã câu hỏi: 239581

Yesterday, Laura ____ him to put some shelves up.

  • A. asked
  • B. is asking
  • C. ask
  • D. was asked
Câu 23
Mã câu hỏi: 239582

Sometimes it's better not to buy something new, and buy it ____ instead.

  • A. used
  • B. usable
  • C. use
  • D. useful
Câu 24
Mã câu hỏi: 239583

We get the energy we require for our everyday needs from many sources, but not all of them are ____.

  • A. ecological
  • B. economic
  • C. unharmed
  • D. eco-friendly
Câu 25
Mã câu hỏi: 239584

You can climb up Mount McKinley, the highest peak in North America, to explore the rest of Denali National Park in Alaska, and view some ____ wildlife.

  • A. interested
  • B. spectacular
  • C. excited
  • D. great
Câu 26
Mã câu hỏi: 239585

Villagers can compete against the commercial fishing and timber companies who ____ the natural resources of the area, taking as much as they want.

  • A. deplete
  • B. lower
  • C. leave
  • D. decrease
Câu 27
Mã câu hỏi: 239586

There are a lot of mobile _________ for English learners nowadays.

  • A. information
  • B. applications
  • C. knowledge
  • D. assignments
Câu 28
Mã câu hỏi: 239587

If government don't ____ global warming, more natural disasters will occur.

  • A. achieve
  • B. promote
  • C. discourage
  • D. prevent
Câu 29
Mã câu hỏi: 239588

Wage _________ exists when workers are equally qualified and perform the same work but one group of worker is paid more than another.

  • A. equality
  • B. payment
  • C. discrimination
  • D. income
Câu 30
Mã câu hỏi: 239589

In some national parks, tourists are not fully aware of _________ environmental protection.

  • A. a
  • B. an
  • C. the
  • D. Ø
Câu 31
Mã câu hỏi: 239590

Make sure your car runs on unleaded petrol and your home uses sources of ____ energy.

  • A. recycling
  • B. reused
  • C. renewable
  • D. recyclable
Câu 32
Mã câu hỏi: 239591

Living in big cities is _________ living in rural areas.

  • A. less convenient as
  • B. not so convenient than
  • C. more convenient than
  • D. the most convenient as
Câu 33
Mã câu hỏi: 239592

Read the passage, and choose the correct answer A, B, C or D for each question

World Environment Day which is held on 5th June every year is an important day in the calendar of the United Nations. It is one of the ways the United Nations uses to advocate for environmental protection and call for political action.

Every year, UNEP (the Environment Program of the United Nations) develops a theme which is used globally to raise awareness and call for support from governments, organizations, and individuals from all over the world.

The theme for 2015 was “Seven Billion Dreams. One Planet. Consume with Care”. This would also serve as the slogan for the World Environmental Day 2015. The meaning of this theme and slogan is that we have five continents with more than seven billion people combined. Although we have about 7 billion people, we just have one planet that we live and survive. The surface area is limited, shelter and food also limited. If we continue using the available natural resources as we do today, our future generations may be forced to go hungry and without homes. This is why it is of vital importance to consume whatever food that is available with care. Stop the wastage and use whatever resource that is available according to need, not greed.

“Join the race to make the world a better place” is the theme and slogan for 2016 UN World Environment Day. This slogan carries a clear message and asks everyone to get involved in making the world a better place to live in.

Celebrities and media personalities have encouraged and put a lot of emphasis on the UN World Environment Day. Well-known celebrities such as Gisele Bündchen are known to have to send distress calls to the entire world to come forward, join the team and help fight climate change. Radio and print journalists have also helped in creating awareness campaigns and asking people from all over the world to observe this day and act accordingly.

New Zealand where this day is marked by splendid and colourful ceremonies launched a massive campaign that was called “My Earth, My Duty”. More people could be encouraged to get out of their homes and provide help that is aimed at ensuring that the environment is preserved for the future generations. This has been one of the most successful campaigns to mark World Environment Day 2015.

In some parts of the world, children are a critical part of celebrating the United Nations Environment Day. In the Nepal Republic, for instance, children and students from grade 1 are requested to attend and actively engage in forestry and related programs in their locality. Also, there are many competitions that are organized by the government and at the end of the week for commemorating the World Environment Day, rewards are offered to those offered the most to the program.

World Environment Day is held every year in order to _________.

  • A. call for political awareness and take action
  • B. raise people’s awareness and call for support from all over the world
  • C. remember the United Nations on this important day
  • D. hold a competition for slogans of protecting the environment
Câu 34
Mã câu hỏi: 239593

All of the following statements are about the theme for the World Environment Day 2015 EXCEPT that _________.

  • A. seven billion people on the earth have the same task to protect the environment
  • B. the available natural resources will be used up one day if we don’t stop wasting
  • C. our future generations will certainly be forced to go hungry and without homes
  • D. the earth is the unique home and the surface area is limited, shelter and food also limited
Câu 35
Mã câu hỏi: 239594

The World Environment Day has partly become successful when _________.

  • A. celebrities try to put a lot of emphasis on the UN
  • B. journalists ask people to watch this event on the media
  • C. climate change may create awareness campaigns all over the world
  • D. well-known people and journalists play a more important role
Câu 36
Mã câu hỏi: 239595

The World Environment Day 2015 in New Zealand was very successful because _________.

  • A. campaigns were carried out to ask for more people’s awareness
  • B. this day is marked by splendid and colorful ceremonies by organizations and individuals
  • C. the wonderful name “My Earth, My Duty” was chosen for the campaign
  • D. more people were encouraged to get out of their homes in New Zealand
Câu 37
Mã câu hỏi: 239596

The United Nations Environment Day in the Nepal Republic was also very successful when _________.

  • A. rewards are offered to people who took part in the programs
  • B. there are many competitions that are organized by the government after the World Environment Day
  • C. the government and the young actively took part in the programs to commemorate this day
  • D. the media personalities provide live coverage and also try reaching the general population
Câu 38
Mã câu hỏi: 239597

Identify the one underlined word or phrase that must be changed to make the sentence correct

Find the mistake: The (A) man whom (B) remained in (C) the office was (D) the manager.

  • A. The
  • B. whom
  • C. in
  • D. was
Câu 39
Mã câu hỏi: 239598

Find the mistake: Person (A) should make (B) efforts to preserve the environment for (C) the sake of themselves (D) and their children.

  • A. Person
  • B. make
  • C. for
  • D. themselves
Câu 40
Mã câu hỏi: 239599

Find the mistake: On (A) the way home, we saw a lot of (B) men, women, and dogs which (C) were playing in (D) the park.

  • A. On
  • B. a lot of
  • C. which
  • D. in

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