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Thi trắc nghiệm tuyển sinh lớp 10 Tiếng Anh - Sở GD&ĐT Đồng Nai năm 2018

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Câu 1
Mã câu hỏi: 65324

Mark the letter A, B, C or D on your answer sheet to indicate the word whose underlined part differs from the other three in pronunciation in each of the following questions

  • A. wanted
  • B. watched
  • C. dedicated
  • D. needed
Câu 2
Mã câu hỏi: 65325
  • A. although
  • B. cough
  • C. laugh
  • D. enough
Câu 3
Mã câu hỏi: 65326

Mark the letter A, B, C or D on your answer sheet to indicate the word that differ from the rest in the position of the main stress in each of the following questions

  • A. avoid
  • B. dental
  • C. endless
  • D. challenge
Câu 4
Mã câu hỏi: 65327
  • A. industrial
  • B. communicate
  • C. information
  • D. expensive
Câu 5
Mã câu hỏi: 65328

Choose the best answer (A,B,C or D) to complete the sentences.

I suggest _____ a picnic on the weekend.

  • A. to have
  • B. having
  • C. have
  • D. had
Câu 6
Mã câu hỏi: 65329

The girl ____ is standing near the window is my sister.

  • A. who
  • B. whom
  • C. where
  • D. which
Câu 7
Mã câu hỏi: 65330

Millions of Christmas cards _____ last month.

  • A. are sent
  • B. sent
  • C. send
  • D. were sent
Câu 8
Mã câu hỏi: 65331

I don’t have a computer. I wish I _____ a new one.

  • A. have
  • B. have had
  • C. will have
  • D. had
Câu 9
Mã câu hỏi: 65332

He saw that film ______ 7.00PM _____ Sunday.

  • A. on- from
  • B. in- at
  • C. at- at
  • D. at- on
Câu 10
Mã câu hỏi: 65333

If I _____ free, I’ll come to see you.

  • A. was
  • B. am
  • C. will be
  • D. had
Câu 11
Mã câu hỏi: 65334

They are not _____ to take part in this program of the World Health Organization.

  • A. so old
  • B. enough old
  • C. old enough 
  • D. as old
Câu 12
Mã câu hỏi: 65335

We had lived in this flat _____ five years.

  • A. ago
  • B. since
  • C. already
  • D. for
Câu 13
Mã câu hỏi: 65336

Choose the underlined part (A, B, C or D) that needs correction.

I look forward to have the solution to the problem I have mentioned.

  • A. look forward
  • B. have
  • C. to
  • D. mentioned
Câu 14
Mã câu hỏi: 65337

Thank you for looking up the children while I was out.

  • A. for
  • B. looking up
  • C. the children
  • D. out
Câu 15
Mã câu hỏi: 65338

If I were you, I won’t buy that expensive car.

  • A. If
  • B. were
  • C. won't
  • D. expensive
Câu 16
Mã câu hỏi: 65339

She’ll be coming tonight, although I don’t know exact when.

  • A. tonight
  • B. although
  • C. exact
  • D. when
Câu 17
Mã câu hỏi: 65340

Choose the best answer (A, B, C or D) to complete the passage.

Solar energy is a long lasting source of energy, and it can (17)_____ almost anywhere. To generate solar energy, we only need solar cells and (18)_____. Solar cells can be easily installed on the roofs of the house, so no new space is needed and each user can quietly generate their own energy. Compared to other renewable sources, they also possess many advantages. Wind and water power rely on turbines which (19)_____ noisy, expensive and easy to break down. Solar cells are totally silent and (20)_____. As they have no moving parts, they require little maintenance and have a long lifetime.

  • A. be used
  • B. is used
  • C. be using
  • D. to be used
Câu 18
Mã câu hỏi: 65341
  • A. the earth
  • B. the planet
  • C. the sun
  • D. the moon
Câu 19
Mã câu hỏi: 65342
  • A. is
  • B. were
  • C. are
  • D. was
Câu 20
Mã câu hỏi: 65343
  • A. polluted
  • B. unpolluted
  • C. polluting
  • D. unpolluting
Câu 21
Mã câu hỏi: 65344

Read the passage below. Then choose the correct answer (A, B, C or D) to each question.

The telephone directory, or phone book, is an alphabetical listing of the names, addresses, and phone numbers of all the people in an area who have phone and want their numbers to be listed. There is no charge if you have your telephone number listed.

It’s important to know how to use the telephone directory. The directory has white pages that list the names of people and businesses that have phones. The yellow pages, in the back of the directory list the names and numbers of businesses. They also have advertisements for some of the businesses listed. They yellow pages are classified alphabetically by subjects. You can find a listing of plumbers, electricians, physicians, school, and so on. Under each heading is an alphabetical listing of all the local businesses or people in that category.

The telephone directory is a _____.

  • A. magazine
  • B. phone book
  • C. text book
  • D. novel
Câu 22
Mã câu hỏi: 65345

Your phone numbers _____ in the phone directory.

  • A. can’t be listed
  • B. is never listed
  • C. can be listed
  • D. may list
Câu 23
Mã câu hỏi: 65346

If you want to have your phone numbers listed in the phone book, you _____

  • A. don’t have to pay any money
  • B. have to pay much money
  • C. have to pay some money
  • D. have to pay a little money
Câu 24
Mã câu hỏi: 65347

The yellow pages are classified alphabetically by _____

  • A. names
  • B. subjects
  • C. addresses
  • D. phone numbers

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