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Câu 1
Mã câu hỏi: 239910

Choose the best alternative to complete the sentence

Who ____________ this cake? It looks delicious. - My mother.

  • A. made
  • B. was make
  • C. make
  • D. did you make
Câu 2
Mã câu hỏi: 239911

He worked all day. He was really _________.

  • A. tiring
  • B. frightened
  • C. frightening
  • D. tired
Câu 3
Mã câu hỏi: 239912

English is an important language ___________.

  • A. whom we master
  • B. that masters
  • C. which need to master
  • D. to master
Câu 4
Mã câu hỏi: 239913

An __________ is a person who is concerned with the protection of nature and environment.

  • A. environmentalist
  • B. engineer
  • C. architect
  • D. archeologist
Câu 5
Mã câu hỏi: 239914

John Smith is ___________ engineer.

  • A. a
  • B. one
  • C. an
  • D. the
Câu 6
Mã câu hỏi: 239915

Of the four boys, Tom is ________.

  • A. the least annoying
  • B. most annoying
  • C. as annoying
  • D. more annoying
Câu 7
Mã câu hỏi: 239916

In this way we can protect rare species _________ extinction.

  • A. away
  • B. off
  • C. from
  • D. of
Câu 8
Mã câu hỏi: 239917

If the world’s tropical forests continue to disappear at their present rate, many animal species __________ extinct.

  • A. became
  • B. will become
  • C. would become
  • D. would have become
Câu 9
Mã câu hỏi: 239918

Florida, _________ the Sunshine State, attracts many tourists every year.

  • A. is known as
  • B. known as
  • C. is
  • D. that is known as
Câu 10
Mã câu hỏi: 239919

My uncle is taking a business trip to the United States. I think tonight he’ll fly across __________.

  • A. the Pacific Ocean
  • B. the Ocean Pacific
  • C. Ocean Pacific
  • D. Pacific Ocean
Câu 11
Mã câu hỏi: 239920

______________, the people coming from the Philippines, speak English.

  • A. Filipino
  • B. Filipinos
  • C. Philippino
  • D. Philippinese
Câu 12
Mã câu hỏi: 239921

Identify the underlined word(s) or phrase(s) that must be changed in order for the sentence to be correct.

Driving on the left side of the road made Lan very surprising when she first visited London.

  • A. Driving
  • B. made
  • C. surprising
  • D. visited
Câu 13
Mã câu hỏi: 239922

Ludmilla Turkevich, was known as a translator in the field of Russian literature, became a member of the Princeton University during the Second World War.

  • A. was known
  • B. translator
  • C. in the field
  • D. during
Câu 14
Mã câu hỏi: 239923

The child was told to be apologized for being rude to his brother.

  • A. was told
  • B. rude
  • C. to be apologized
  • D. for being
Câu 15
Mã câu hỏi: 239924

Read the paragraph and choose the correct idea:

Because goldfish can be kept easily in small ponds and aquariums, they are good pets, but like any other pets, they must have good care and the right kind of place to live. A two-inch fish requires a minimum of two gallons of water containing enough oxygen to support life. Some oxygen will make its way into the water. Plants in an aquarium also help to supply oxygen. Snails help to keep the aquarium clean. Thus, with plenty of plants and snails, the water in an aquarium does not have to be changed frequently. It is important not to overfeed goldfish. They can be fed such things as dried insects and shrimps and commercial goldfish food, but they should never be fed more than once a day. Even then, they should not be given too much food in five minutes.

Which of the following help supply goldfish with oxygen?

  • A. Dried insects
  • B. Snails
  • C. Shrimps
  • D. Plants
Câu 16
Mã câu hỏi: 239925

Which of the following is NOT commonly used as goldfish food?

  • A. Snails
  • B. Dried insects
  • C. Commercial goldfish food
  • D. Dried shrimps
Câu 17
Mã câu hỏi: 239926

What is important to remember when feeding goldfish?

  • A. They should be fed twice a day.
  • B. You should feed them much food every five minutes.
  • C. They should be fed only once a day.
  • D. You should feed plants and snails to them.
Câu 18
Mã câu hỏi: 239927

An aquarium most nearly means________.

  • A. a shop
  • B. a glass tank where goldfish are kept
  • C. a place where goldfish die
  • D. a place where goldfish are born
Câu 19
Mã câu hỏi: 239928

We don’t have to change the water in an aquarium frequently if ___________.

  • A. there are two-inch fish.
  • B. we often change the plants.
  • C. we often feed the snails.
  • D. a lot of plants and snails are kept there.
Câu 20
Mã câu hỏi: 239929

Choose the best answer

My cousin works in a Japanese __________ corporation and he often goes to the main office in Japan for training.

  • A. multilingual
  • B. multipurpose
  • C. multiracial
  • D. multinational
Câu 21
Mã câu hỏi: 239930

My family loves this house. It __________ the family home since my grandfather built it 60 years ago.

  • A. will be
  • B. has been
  • C. was
  • D. is
Câu 22
Mã câu hỏi: 239931

I had never expected to be offered the job. I was really ____________ when I was offered it.

  • A. amazing
  • B. disappointed
  • C. amazed
  • D. disappointing
Câu 23
Mã câu hỏi: 239932

________ did you phone him? - To ask for Anne’s number.

  • A. What
  • B. What for
  • C. When
  • D. Why

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